OwnFone FAQ's


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Call our helpline
0800 669 6644

Lines are open between
9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.
This is a Free Phone number.


What is my OwnFone number?

Your OwnFone number is printed on the back of the handset.


How often does my OwnFone need charging?

We recommend charging the Ownfone every day


Can I adjust the volume?

To increase or decrease the in-call volume press the arrows in the top left hand corner of your OwnFone during a call. To increase or decrease the ring tone press the arrows when you're not making a call.


Will my OwnFone work abroad?

No your OwnFone is only programmed to work in the UK and Northern Ireland.


Can I change the names and numbers on
my OwnFone?

Yes you can change the names and numbers. Simply call Customer Services on 0345 459 6699 to request this to be done. We can change numbers instantly and if you need to change names, we can reprint your phone at a cost of £15.


Is my OwnFone covered by a warranty?

Your OwnFone is covered for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase for breakdown and repair. If the device stops working within this time frame please contact Customer Services on 0345 459 6699. For full details of warranty terms, please see the terms and conditions.


Does my OwnFone have an answer phone or voicemail service?

No there is no answer phone or voicemail service. An incoming call will continue ringing until the caller ends the call.


Can I change to an alternative airtime package?

Yes you can change to an alternative Talk plan. Please call our helpline. Changes can only be made for a future billing period.


What if my phone is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen phone please call our helpline. We will temporarily suspend your OwnFone. We will then arrange to produce and despatch a new phone. There will be an additional charge of £45 for a replacement handset. The good news is that your OwnFone can only ever be used to call the pre-programmed numbers.